Composite Doors Hornchurch, Edgware & Essex

Composite Doors really are the ultimate front door. They offer high security, robust structure and attractive appearance; our composite doors can’t be beaten. A Composite Door from Concept will make your home in Hornchurch, Edgware or Essex stand out for all the right reasons.

Not only is it a stunning entrance door option but Composite Doors are also superbly energy efficient with thermal insulating properties. Specifically designed to keep your home in Essex much warmer for a long period of time, you will notice a significant reduction in your heating costs as you can keep your central heating off.

High Performance Composite Doors

Composite Doors offer a complete alternative to uPVC Doors. They are a much closer comparison to a wooden door, but with all the advanced features of everlasting strength, high-tech security. They also offer six times the thermal efficiency of a standard door. Our Gallery Composite Door range is also an excellent way of reducing any unwanted noise pollution entering your home in Essex. Our Gallery range is made from market-leading products, guaranteeing all customers value for money and top quality products.

Beautiful, Traditional Appearance

Designed in the likeness of traditional timber, our composite doors feature beautiful, classic wood grain finishes for an authentic, country style appearance. If you are looking to maintain a period property or wish to add a traditional touch to your home, our Composite Doors offer the perfect blend of charming aesthetics and modern technology for an everlasting appearance.

Strong and Robust Profile

Our Composite Doors are manufactured using a combination of high performing materials such as PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP (glass reinforced plastic). Resulting in an extremely strong and efficient door. This unique combination of materials makes our composite doors far more advanced than singular material doors. Highly weather resistant, our doors will never rot, warp or require re-painting.  This is due to their tough outer skins which are design engineered to be highly resistant to dents and scratches.

Cylinder Locks

There are numerous advantages to choosing Gallery Composite Doors from Concept Windows. Each composite door we install in Essex comes with ‘anti-bump’ and ‘anti-drill’ cylinder locks. These are in place to guarantee maximum protection against any unwanted break-ins. Each composite door is also approved by the Secured by Design police backed scheme as standard for complete peace of mind. You can be sure that you will be kept safe and sound inside your home with the use of our exceptional locking systems.

Composite Door Benefits

High Security

We want to make sure you are maintaining the highest standard of safety and security, which is why we work with market leading suppliers, Ultion. Their multipoint locking systems are industry leaders, providing you with a strong, sturdy door. Read through the tabs below to read more about their unbeatable locks.

Strength, Style and Sustainability

Our Composite Doors will provide you with a stylish, modern and sustainable alternative to traditional timber. They also use thermal inserts made from 100% recycled uPVC for enhanced sustainability. Thus, helping you to save valuable heat energy as well as contribute towards a greener environment.

Superior Insulation

A durable, GRP outer skin and rigid foam core keep the door virtually draught-free and soundproof. Our Composite Doors offer 6 times more insulation when compared to standard a wooden door. Find out the further benefits of installing a new front door in your home in Essex, Hornchurch or Edgware by contacting our friendly team today.

Drill safe

Drill Safe

20 hardened steel pins are put into the front and back of each Ultion lock, making it highly safe and secure for your home. As well as this, 20 plates are also used and positioned in a precise way to increase protection from potential drill attacks.

Brighten Up Your Home

We offer a wide range of design choices with our composite doors. With up to 12 different styles, 13 colours to choose from and an endless variety of glazing options there is definitely something you’ll love. With triple seals contained within the frame work you’ll never feel a draught again.

Market Leading Supplier

We pride ourselves in offering you the best products on the market. This is why we have teamed up with market leading supplier for our Gallery Range to offer high-performance composite doors to homeowners in Essex, Hornchurch and Edgware.

Kubu SmartLock

Introducing the Kubu SmartLock! This innovative feature lets you see the status of your door in real-time – locked or not! By installing the Kubu SmartLock into your composite door, you can link your door to your phone to keep tabs on whether or not your door is locked on the mobile app.

The perimeter feature will alert you if you leave your home and have forgotten to lock your door, so you can go back and ensure your home is safe and secure before leaving.

The quick and easy setup of the SmartLock allows you to enjoy all the benefits of this added security feature with ease. It’s even possible to connect your Kubu lock to your Alexa to simply ask whether your door is locked or not!

Composite Door Prices Hornchurch, Edgware & Essex

We offer competitive composite door prices in Essex, Hornchurch, Edgware. Your property will benefit from the affordable style and enhanced protection with our comprehensive range of beautiful Composite Doors.

We provide free online prices for composite doors. Our online quoting engine gives you the option of a wide range of composite door styles, allowing you to tailor your quote to your own specifications. It’s so easy to use and only takes a few minutes.

Alternatively, send us an email using our online contact form, or call us on 01708 463526. We will be ready to answer your questions, giving you expert information and advice. We can also give you a quick quote at the end.

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