Patio Doors Hornchurch, Edgware & Essex

Patio Doors are an excellent choice for your Essex, Hornchurch and Edgware home. Their smooth sliding operation makes them very easy to open and close. Thus, giving you swift access to your patio and garden. Our range of Patio Doors is perfect for those summer gatherings. The large glass panes allow plenty of natural light to enter and when fully open, fresh air is welcomed. It’s easy to see why they’ve been such a popular choice for many years.

Thermally Efficient

Although our Patio Door range comes with slim sightlines and larger glass panels, your home is still sure to be flooded with heat and warmth. The tight fit within the allocated space makes it perfect for deterring cold spots and draughts from entering. As well as this, the larger glass panels are great for ensuring your home is flooded with warm rays from the sun.

Multipoint Locking System

We pride ourselves on offering home improvement products that are designed to keep you and your family safe from the outside elements and unwanted guests. This is why we use multipoint locking systems to provide you with the best protection possible. Their unique technology ensures you are safeguarded against any unwanted intruders.

Market Leading Suppliers

We work with the best people in the industry to ensure you are getting high performance products. This is why we have partnered up with a market leading supplier to ensure you are getting high performance home improvement products at an affordable price. Each of our Patio Doors is strong and durable, ensuring they last for many years.

Easy to Operate

The in-line sliding Patio Door is easy to operate, with one fixed pane and another that simply slides back to open. A further option is the tilt and slide patio door, which not only offers lockable ventilation but, with the turn of a handle the replacement door, slides open.

Patio Door Benefits

Design Features

There are many design features that go hand in hand with our uPVC Sliding Patio Door range. You can choose the colour that’s right for you, creating a bespoke set of Patio Doors. White uPVC is the most popular option, but that doesn’t mean you have to have it.

Highly Secure

Our Patio Doors range has Secured by Design approval, having passed substantial police testing. They combine a built-in high security system with an unrivalled uPVC profile. This creates a distinctive level of security that is consistent across the board.

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Space Conservation

If you are looking to save on space inside your home, our patio doors are the perfect option for you. Their sliding technology means you won’t need swing room for these doors. As well as this, the unique rolling system creates a highly versatile patio door, allowing for full and partial ventilation.

Patio Doors allow for decorative items, such as plants or lamps, to be placed on either side of them. This exclusive feature broadens the horizons for room decoration. Create more space in your home in Essex, Hornchurch or Edgware by asking Concept Windows to install market-leading patio doors.

Desirable Patio Door

Once your new Sliding Patio Door has been installed by Concept, all your family and friends will want them as well. Our patio doors are a great back door option if you have limited space, as the doors slide across each other rather than opening inwards or outwards, taking up valuable space.

Why not consider Rosewood for a more natural wooden effect? The option to have the interior and the exterior in different colours is also available. We can design your new Patio Doors in a variety of configuration options. Choose from 2, 3 or 4 panes for the door and side window.

Patio Doors Prices Hornchurch, Edgware & Essex

We offer high performance Patio Doors for homeowners in Essex, Hornchurch and Edgware. Their unique design means they are perfect for any type of home, either for large or small rooms.

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