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Updating uPVC Windows for A Customer’s Home in Hornchurch

Mr & Mrs Ashton were looking for new uPVC windows to replace their existing ones. They wanted to enjoy improved performance, a better design. Working with a trustworthy company in the Hornchurch area was also important to them.

When the Ashton’s contacted the Concept Windows team, we were able to run through the options for their uPVC windows and provide them with a quote to consider. They were delighted with our recommendations and prices.

Mr & Mrs Aston had this to say about their experience of working with Concept Windows and the outcome of their uPVC windows project.


“We couldn’t be happier with our choice to use Concept Windows. The sales representative, Marilyn, was very patient and knew her stuff.

She gave us time to think about her quote without putting us under any pressure and unlike other companies that had quoted for the work she made us feel that nothing was too much trouble.

The fitters were excellent, very clean and tidy. We would recommend Concept to our friends and family without any doubt.”


uPVC Windows Manufactured by Market-Leader

The uPVC windows we installed for Mr and Mrs Ashton were built by Eurocell, a recognised manufacturer that delivers the innovation and quality we need to deliver our customers’ projects to specification.

By using Eurocell uPVC windows for the Ashtons’ home improvement project, we were able to deliver an installation that:

Rewarded our customers with a U-value score of 0.7, which exceeds industry recommendations. Mr and Mrs Ashton are now able to enjoy a thermally efficient home that is comfortable year-round.

Achieved a Windows Energy Rating of ‘A+.’ This means that our uPVC windows will help Mr and Mrs Ashton to control the running costs of their home in Hornchurch.

Met their design expectations in full. Our customers were able to choose a colour that met the specifications of their project and helped their home stand out.

Choosing Concept Windows as Your Installer in Hornchurch

Our commitment to service matches the high-quality of our products. When you contact us, we won’t pressure to you to buy – instead, we’ll discuss your requirements, make some recommendations and leave you with some prices to consider.

We belong to various recognised competent persons schemes, such as FENSA, which means the quality of our work is continually assessed by independent third parties. You can buy uPVC windows for your Hornchurch project with confidence.

uPVC Windows Prices, Hornchurch

Talk to an experienced and friendly member of our team by calling 0800 289 299. You can also send details of your enquiry to

Visit our online design tool to get a uPVC window quote. You can use it as many times as you like and for almost all of our products.

If your project is extensive, you may want to look at our conservatories, doors and roofline products for further inspiration.


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Life Hacks – Cleaning Your Windows

Back in 1936, when George Formby released ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’, did he realise he was opening a debate which would go on to resonate through the streets of Essex for generations?

tilt and turn windows essex

In this day and age, with household heroes like Barry Scott and Cillet Bang, you’d think there would be little room for debating old wives’ tales in relation to cleaning uPVC windows. However, there are still those who believe that newspapers are better for cleaning glass than paper towels, due to the density of the fibres.

This month, we’ll look over the best advice handed down between builders to housewives. To find out the best way to keep your glass glistening, hinges swinging and frames permanently closed!

Top Life Hacks for Cleaning Windows

Keep the Newspaper in the Recycling – It has long been thought that newspaper doubles up as some sort of magical window cleaner. In reality though, it’s best left for starting fires and wrapping Friday’s fish and chip supper. If you use newspaper, you run the risk of inking all over your hands.

Our advice is ditch the newspaper for coffee filters. Coffee filters are tough and durable, helping to prevent streaks appearing on the glass. Just make sure you use new ones, coffee is a persistent stain!

life hacks

Brew Your Own! – Brewing your own window cleaner will save you money. Plus, there’s every chance you’ll come up with a cleaning product so strong, it could beat Mr. Muscle in an arm wrestle. Leave expensive cleaning products in the supermarket and concoct your own from a mix of water, ammonia, vinegar and dish soap. Spray, don’t drench, your windows with your very own George’s Marvellous Medicine and wipe off…with a coffee filter!

Try a Blackboard Eraser – If you’re fairly new to the window cleaning business, you may well create streaks across the glass. Don’t panic! Just head down to your local art and craft shop and purchase a blackboard eraser…do not use it on a chalkboard first. The soft fabric of an unused t-shirt can work just as well.

Be Aware of the Environment – When it comes to maintaining the locks and hinges (working parts of your window) WD40, grease and a splash of oil will go a long way. But also, be aware of your environment! After a heat wave, use an old toothbrush to clean out the dust from the locks and hinges. If it rains, ensure your window is closed. Clean off any water from the hinges with a thick towel as soon as you can, stopping the locks and hinges from rusting.

Wash Your Windows On a Cloudy Day – Washing your windows on a hot day will give you less time to clean, as the windows dry quicker! On cloudy days, you’ll have far more time to clean your windows. Minimising the risk of streaks of appearing.

life hacks clean windows

Our Range of uPVC Windows in Essex

We supply and fit an extensive range of uPVC windows throughout Essex. Double glazed windows that are proven to lower the cost of heating your property, and heighten your security. Plus, with all the wondrous advice crammed into this article, you’ll be able to keep them in tip top condition for year after year.

uPVC Casement Windows – By far the most popular style of window that we supply and fit. These windows look beautiful wherever situated. From grand town-homes to country retreats. The perfect all-rounder.

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows – An intelligently designed window, perfect for ventilation. The advanced hinges used in our uPVC Tilt and Turn enables the pane to turn full circle! Clean the outside of the window from inside your house.

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows – Based entirely on the traditional sash, this double glazed window is the perfect example of style meets modern tech. For those who favour a vintage appearance, uPVC Sliding Sash Windows boast effortless functionality and will increase the security of Essex home.

uPVC Bay and Bow Windows – Maximise the light entering your home and create a highly sought after style with uPVC Bay and Bow Windows. Available in three or five facet design, gifting your property with panoramic views of the outside Essex world.


uPVC windows essex

Free Double Glazing Prices Essex

If you are interested in renovating your property with top of the range uPVC windows, why not generate your unique online quote? Visit the quote section of our website and get your price within two minutes.

If you’d like to find out more about our range of windows, or services or know of any other life hacks, do not hesitate to contact us or call on – 0800 289 299.

Concept Windows – Superior double glazing, for an honest bob!

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Conservatory Ideas

Great Conservatory Ideas

Looking for conservatory ideas? A well designed conservatory is undoubtedly a valuable asset to any property.  A conservatory instantly adds style and considerably increases living space whilst inviting the outside in.

 At Concept Windows, Doors and Conservatories we have installed a fair few conservatories in our time and can offer you lots of exciting ideas for your extra space! Our bespoke conservatories are designed with your home as well as lifestyle in mind.

conservatory ideas

Conservatory Design Ideas

A conservatory gives you a versatile space to transform into your ideal home improvement. Your conservatory can be a tranquil place to relax or you can turn it into a multi-functional space for the whole family to enjoy.Whether you require an extra dining area, lounge or play area for the kids, a conservatory gives you a world of choice.

It can work wonderfully as a tranquil place to sit and relax, or can be combined with a with a dining or play room to create a functional space that’s light and bright for the whole family to enjoy.

Fully Glazed Conservatory Ideas

Fully glazed conservatories offer impressive floor to ceiling glass walls, perfect for enhancing all available light and making your space bigger and brighter. This design also provides you with a wonderful view of the outside, inviting your garden in. There are many different glazing options for you to choose from including toughened glass and self cleaning glass.

A Touch of The Traditional

If you have a period style property or are wanting to add a classic touch to a modern property, then you might want to consider a traditional conservatory style.  These beautiful conservatories come in a range of designs such as the Victorian, Edwardian and Gable style. Each of these conservatory styles offer beautiful aesthetics – especially when teamed with a period property. The traditional conservatory will look fantastic on an older home, enhancing its classic features.


A Contemporary Feel

Contemporary conservatories are much simplistic in design when compared to a traditional conservatory style. These modern conservatories feature clean lines and pitched lean-to style roofs. Many modern conservatories can be turned into small home offices and even kitchen diners.

Bespoke and modern conservatories such as the lean-to style offer great versatility and can be fitted into a wide range of properties. Home owners have the option of combining conservatory styles to create the exact look they want. Team your modern conservatory style with sleek bi-folding doors and create a super cool contemporary look. Bi-folding doors will not only help create the illusion of a wide open space, they offer large amounts of light to pass through your conservatory.



Bi-Folding Doors & Conservatory

Less is More

Less is more when it comes to a modern conservatory. To complement it’s clean and fuss free structure, keep things uncluttered with off white walls to maximise sunlight.

Conservatory Furniture Ideas

Decorating your conservatory is often the most exciting stages of installing a conservatory. This is when the space really becomes a part of your home. No matter the size of your conservatory, there are lots of furniture ideas to suit.

A Personal Touch

You can place your own personal touch on your conservatory by decorating it with personal keepsakes, photos and quirky ornaments. What says home to you?

Create A Family Room

If you want your new conservatory to have a family feel then a dining room table could be all it needs to become the hub of the home. Make space for all the family with a versatile seating area or if you have a love for cooking, why not use the space as an extension of your kitchen? Your conservatory can incorporate a sideboard for all your kitchen cutlery and appliances.

Choose Versatile Conservatory Furniture

Multi-functional furniture will come in handy especially if space is limited. For example storage that also functions as seating can be an excellent investment. Rattan table and chairs can be enjoyed both inside your conservatory and out –they can easily be taken out into the patio area on a hot summer day.

Conservatory Ideas

Bring The Outdoors In

Make a display of plants complete with rustic bell jars and floral patterned cushions for fresh, outside look. Complete the look with wooden furniture and stone tiled flooring to give the impression of a seamless entrance to your garden.

Conservatory Ideas

Practical Conservatory Floors

Tiled flooring is an excellent option for a conservatory floor, everyday use of your garden to conservatory can create messy floors and tiles offer easy cleaning compared to wood flooring and carpet. Heated flooring can be a great addition, helping to keep your conservatory warm through the colder months.

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uPVC Back Doors Essex

Create a beautiful and lasting impression with our attractive and secure uPVC back doors. A smart and practical solution, our uPVC back doors will help keep your home warm, quiet and safe – as well as being virtually maintenance free.

uPVC Back Doors

Perfect For All Kinds of Properties

Whether you have a modern or traditional looking property, we offer an impressive range of door styles including a wide choice of colours and finishes allowing you to achieve the perfect replacement door.

We can provide you with an exceptional choice of uPVC door styles. Our exciting range uPVC back doors are available in a stylish collection which includes composite doors, stable doors, French doors, patio doors and bi-folding doors.


Composite Back Doors

Get A Free Quote For A Composite Door

Composite doors give you the appearance of a traditional timber door, without the high maintenance. They are built using a combination of advanced materials for a super strong, durable and versatile back door. They provide you with superior security whilst maintaining a classic aesthetic.

Composite doors

uPVC Stable Back Doors

Stable Doors EssexGet A Free Quote For A Stable Door

These charming back doors offer a touch of the traditional with their country style appearance. These multi-functional back doors are able to open simultaneously or separately, with two halves of the door offering complete versatility.

They are an ideal choice for young families or pet owners, allowing you keep loved ones safely inside whilst benefiting from lots of ventilation.

Glazing Options

We offer a wide variety of glass designs for your new front or back uPVC door, anything from standard double glazing to more ornate and patterned styles. Both glazing and panel designs can be fitted in uPVC doors with the option of side screens, mid-rails and arched frames.

uPVC Back Doors With Cat Flap

Our double glazed back doors can be fitted with an additional dog or cat flap for your furry friends. They can be incorporated into any uPVC or double glazed design.

uPVC Back Door Benefits

Stay Warm

All our uPVC back doors have been designed to keep your home warm by reducing heat loss within your property. They feature weather resistant seals and advanced chambered profiles offering high energy efficiency.

Safe & Secure

High security locking systems come as standard on all our uPVC back doors ensuring they easily meet the British Standards for security. Each door also features high performance handles and hinges for enhanced strength and protection. Any glazing is internally beaded to ensure it cannot be removed from the outside.


Not A Sound

Designed to keep your home quieter, our uPVC back doors have excellent insulating properties. This includes a draught-resistant seal and a thick uPVC profile which helps reduce external noises.

Low Maintenance

Our uPVC back doors are easy to clean and will never rot, rust or peel. They will never require re-painting and are available with the option of self-cleaning glass.

Colours & Finishes

You can choose from a comprehensive range of colours and finishes. You can combine the look of a traditional timber door with the benefits of modern uPVC with our coloured or woodgrain foiled door options. With our attractive range of finishes you can achieve almost any look.

Colour Choices

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Plan Your 2016 Orangery

Plan your 2016 orangery with Concept Windows, Doors and Conservatories.  We offer a wide range of captivating orangery and conservatory styles to suit your home and budget.

LivinRoom OrangeryNext year you could be spending Christmas in your brand new, spacious conservatory or orangery . No need to squeeze the in-laws at the end of the dinner table!

Our conservatories and orangeries offer beautiful and versatile spaces you can use all year round, whether thats a dining area, living room or conservatory kitchen – our designs offer limitless options.

View Our Conservatories.

Livin Room Orangery

Our Livin Room Orangery is the latest addition to our Ultraframe range of home improvement products.

These fresh, new modern builds offer something entirely different for today’s home owner.

This stunning extension gives you the best of both worlds by combining the light and sky roof of a conservatory with the walls and ceiling of an extension.

The Livin Room Orangery from provides you with a beautiful vaulted ceiling and incorporates an internal where lights can be installed. You can even insert or hang lights along the ridge of the roof itself.

Click here to find out more about out LivinRoom Orangeries.

Watch This Orangery Case Study

Year Round Living

If you are looking to extend your living space but are worried about a glass or polycarbonate roof not providing enough protection from outside elements, then the LivinRoof offers the perfect solution.

Livinroom Orangery

State Of The Art Conservatory Roof

The LivinRoof system is created from a state of the art system which has been designed to give you complete flexibility, allowing you to use both solid and glazed roofing in a seamless design.

It doesn’t matter whether you are constructing a new home extension or replacing an existing conservatory the LivinRoof provides you with a stylish and thermally efficient room like no other. Extremely weatherproof, it’s superior thermal performance gives you a room you can use any time of the year–a quality investment.

This Homeowner Uses Her New Orangery As A Home Gym!

How Will You Use Your New Orangery?

How will you use your new extended space? Conservatories and orangeries really do present you with an endless amount of options. Your newly acquired space can be transformed into anything from a home gym to a kitchen extension to a home office and spare bedroom.

Ultraframe Livinroom

Contact Us

Contact us today for affordable and quality conservatories and orangeries in Essex.  Alternatively, you can get a price for your conservatory using our free online quoting engine. Our pricing engine will give you a cost for any replacement windows or doors too!

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